Tisane Tea

Tisanes, also known as herbal infusions, are blends of dried herbs, flowers, roots, nuts, fruits, and natural flavors that have a terrific, bold, and refreshing taste. Hibiscus leaves and Rosehip are used throughout our herb and fruit blends, which give the added benefit of naturally occurring Vitamin C. This is a delicious alternative to sugary beverages that have added chemical ingredients. For different levels of strength, steep in boiling water to your preferred level. For more strength, steep for a longer period of time, or steep for only a few minutes to acquire a lighter flavor and less prominent taste. For a refreshing summertime drink, pour over ice and serve as refreshments. Customers have even written to tell us that tisanes make great popsicles, so the next time you’re craving something sweet and appetizing, try a frozen tisane! Below, we have provided the preferred ways to brew these highly delectable Tisanes: