Hot Desserts Coffee Package

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Hot Desserts Coffee Package

Our Hot Desserts Coffee Package will help satisfy your sweet tooth, without making you feel like you've had "too much dessert." This package includes three 1 pound bags of our hot dessert flavored coffees.

Peach Cobbler
Just one sip of our Peach Cobbler Flavored Coffee will have your taste buds thinking you're eating the real thing. You can enjoy it without worrying about all those calories. Brew up a pot in minutes and treat yourself to this dessert without the guilt.

Hot Fudge Brownie
Our Hot Fudge Brownie flavored coffee offers the same decadent and rich flavors of freshly baked brownies right from the oven.

Vienna Strudel
Enjoy the aroma of a Danish pastry with the essence of freshly grated, sweet cinnamon. The ever-so-popular dessert, Vienna Strudel now comes in a flavored coffee you can treat yourself! With its fresh roasted coffee flavors complemented by the taste of a fresh baked pastry and cinnamon, this incredibly delectable coffee blend will take your taste buds for a great trip.