Java Junkies Famous Cold Steeped Iced Coffee

Java Junkies Famous Cold Steeped Iced Coffee

Posted by John on May 6th 2019

Make amazing Iced Coffee right at home with Java Junkies Espresso Verdi Coffee, also available in decaf.
Our Espresso Verdi is the coffee we used in the coffee shop to make our iced coffee. It's simple to make. 2 cups of Espresso Verdi (french press grind) in a 1 gallon pitcher. Fill with water and let set for 12 to 15 hours (not in the fridge). Using a strainer, strain the grounds by pouring the coffee into another 1 gallon pitcher. Top off with water and refrigerate. Use your favorite coffee syrup to sweeten and your favorite milk or non dairy product to add that creaminess.Trust me when I say, this doesn't work with crappy coffee lol 
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