Winter Holiday Coffee Package

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Winter Holiday Coffee Package

Spice up the holidays when you brew a gourmet coffee in this delightful Holiday Flavor selection. Serve up a cup of holiday cheer for your family and friends with flavored coffees that fill the room with enticing scents of nutmeg and cinnamon, caramel and vanilla, or your favorite eggnog with a splash of rum. When combining delicious flavors with 100% Arabica bean coffee, it will create absolutely delectable flavored coffee! You'll receive three 1 pound bags of each of the following:

This gourmet coffee will remind you of the Christmas holidays every time you brew it. It encompasses the famous flavors of eggnog with a splash of rum and a dash of cinnamon.

Holiday Cheer
Our Holiday Cheer flavored coffee will bring you joy triumphantly with the flavors of creamy French caramel, vanilla, toasted almond, and just a dash of Jamaican rum flavor to create an intensely rich taste of the holidays.

Nutmeg Spice
We have combined 100% Arabica bean coffee with the gourmet flavors of nutmeg and cinnamon to create the perfect flavored coffee. Brew Nutmeg Spice at your next family gathering and enjoy the nutty and slightly sweet flavors of nutmeg and a little pinch of cinnamon.

This is a great way to get different flavored coffees to try at your winter parties and holiday get-togethers. Get into the holiday spirit with the first sip and send one to your friend!